Not being able to capture GPU trace throughput metrics

Hello everyone! Today I tried to capture GPU trace’s throughput metrics, but capture data transfer stucks on 100% and then nothing happens. I tried to launch trace with both release / debug builds of my engine, also I tried with / without Vulkan’s validation errors.

Interesting to note is that when I enable validation errors I get strange error - see screenshots.
I’m using LunarG’s Vulkan SDK 1.3.243, my GPU is GIGABYTE GTX 1660ti and driver version is Game Ready 531.68.

Vulkan validation error: Screenshot by Lightshot

What version of Nsight Graphics did you use? Can you check in the Nsight Graphics documentation here to see if the troubleshooting section on application hanging during capture will help to solve your problem? If that doesn’t help you can send a process dump to by following the steps here.
Can you try with the latest version of Nsight Graphics here NVIDIA Nsight Graphics | NVIDIA Developer?