Not enough RAM on host (SDKManager error)

I just keep getting this notice (SDKManager needs 8GB RAM and your device has only 1.7 GB) before installing SDKManager so I reinstalled my whole Linux system.
I am still getting this error since I tried to clear up RAM using differnt commands from terminal.

Still I started installation, but what should I do with this RAM situation?

Host : Ubuntu 16.04 (Reinstalled, no extra softwares installed)

Thank you.

Hi atejani2,

Is this the memory check at the beginning?
If does, there are several things to clarify.

  1. it’s checking for 7.5g not 8g.
  2. it’s a warning, not an error.
  3. you can ignore this warning and continue.

Or if this notice is sth else, could you please attach a screenshot?

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Thanks. I flashed it with anothet ubuntu host.