Not Getting a proper frame in nvargus_nvraw tool when using --exp variable

Hi team

I am using an imx296 camera and i have ported a driver for the same by referring the imx219 driver and Nvidia documentation.

And i am able to get my camera stream in argus_camera application gstreamer etc without any issues.

But when i try to dump image using the nvargus_nvraw tool i am getting a proper frame when --exp parameter is not set

#not working
nvargus_nvraw --c 0 --mode 0 --exp0 "0.016,1" --file ~/sample1.nvraw
nvargus_nvraw --c 0 --mode 0  --file ~/sample1.nvraw

if i set this --exp0 variable my frame is broken that the image is only there in the top portion of the frame


How can I debug this issue

It could be the sensor driver cause the problem.
Please check the REG setting in the xxx_set_exposure()

Shane i have hard coded the register values of exposure in the driver and tried the same commands but the result is same.

That is without the --exp variable i am getting a frame, when am using the --exp variable the frame is incomplete.

Could you check which control function(CID) would be different while add --exp

The surprising factor is that when we check that in both the cased the same Control function is used when we added the prints.

Only difference is that when we use --exp the exposure CID is used only once and in the other case it try multiple iteration of exposure with different values.

ShaneCCC is there any way to list the CID functions called by nvargus_raw tool. So that i can know whether i have missed to add any specific CID function

Check the daemon log.

sudo service nvargus-daemon stop
sudo su
export enableCamScfLogs=5
launch camera from another console

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