Not getting invite to GitHub repository

I got my invitation roughly a week after I signed up for it, so I think you just need to be patient. And Nvidia should probably change the “You gent an invitation in an hour” to “in a week”.

I’ve finally got the invitation. Thank you based NVidia!

Got my invitation too. Thanks Nvidia!
(Actually receive invitation in about a week)

Same issue.

Same issue.

Same issue.

Same issue here, been waiting for over a week. Can i get a direct invite please?

Please see discussion here:

There is a problem with the automated GitHub process that is being worked on.

In the meantime, please send your details to and someone will manually add you.

We hope this issue will be resolved soon.

Hi all, sorry for the delay. The issue is now fixed and the invites should be coming through again.

Thank you,

I received the invite a couple of hours ago. Many thanks!


Same issue.

same issue

Sorry guys, we’re gonna look into it. Apparently something is stuck again.

I am told this is fixed now! Please PM me next time this happens. Which is hopefully never. :)

Hey I can’t get the invitation on github, I signed the EULA for NVIDIA Gameworks to access PhyX, Flex and so on. Can you help?

same issue