Not getting Test Pattern from Deserialiser

I am using a deserializer to generate pattern. At 1st I made changes to 0v5693 camera sensor driver and the respective device tree files (I2C address, Pixel_Clock, csi_lane,Mipi_clock were the changes I made) . But unfortunately there was a problem with i2c write so i removed all the i2c write part in the driver code and wrote all the i2c using i2cset and it was success and I am getting MIPI data from Deserializer which I confirmed it with Oscilloscope. Now I tried capturing and Displaying the Received packets But the Gstreamer Terminates with error.

I want to know if it is possible to capture and display the the camera data after commenting all the i2c part in the camera driver and use the same driver kernel module to capture and display the camera data?

Is my approach correct or should I change ?

Can’t make sure if it still working if the sequence is incorrect, like DES streaming must after NVCSI/VI enable

Hi @shaneCCC ,

I have enabled the VI and CSI in the device tree file.

It’s different. What I mean is the timing of the stream_on() to enable the NVCSI/VI and initial all of the REG setting.

I Wrote all the registers through i2cset before launching the gst-launch-1.0.
Is there something else I have to enable ?

Get the trace log to check if more information.

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