Not have the rtl5640 sound card,how can i do?

i used custom board,Jetson AGX orin 32G,jetpack 5.1,L4T 35.2.1,
i patched enable_onboard_codec.diff .(Jetson AGX Orin Dev kit analog sound not coming - #9 by vardhaman.k)
Our custom board add ALC5640 hardware.

now ,not have the sound card,

When I was using the 35.1.0 version, there was still a sound card APE, but when I used the latest 35.2.1, even the sound card node was gone. Who can help me guide the maze.

I modified the kernel support through “make menuconfig” and added the driver support for RT5640, but there is no change.

the same performance on devkit,
with jetpack 5.1,l4T 35.2.1

[ 13.017413] OF: graph: no port node found in /i2c@c240000/ucsi_ccg@8/connector@0
[ 13.057782] tegra-asoc:: probe of sound failed with error -22

I saw the above print through serial port。

please go to :

Hi ,
Is this query same as previous @ Not have the rtl5640 sound card,how can i do? ? if it is same we can discuss over there.

ok ,this topic is with our custom board, that topic @Not have the rtl5640 sound card,how can i do? is with the devkit board and with the no change souces.

On custom board, are you able to register sound card with new source code by run ./ ?
If you still see the issue, could you please share below info:

  1. cat /sys/kernel/debug/asoc/components
  2. Share DTB file which flashed on device
  3. i2cdetect -y -r 31e0000.i2c

Could you please share the requested information?
Or, if the issue has been resolved on your end, please let me know.

Hi,thanks for help:
It is because we mistakenly used the European standard to draw the circuit board, but in fact, the earphones around us use the American standard by default. That is to say, the mic is reversed from the ground.

I appreciate you informing me.