Not possible to create wifi hotspot with TX2 (R32.1) default rootfs


I have been trying to get the hotspot functionality to get to work to no avail. I have seen several posts of how to proceed to do this but I think I found a very basic way to do this but without success.
So I flash the TX2 with the latest default rootfs, go through the setup process of creating a new user for the first time and upen a command window where I put the following commands:

nmcli dev status

which gives me this output:

DEVICE  TYPE      STATE                                  CONNECTION         
eth0    ethernet  connected                              Wired connection 1 
l4tbr0  bridge    connected                              l4tbr0             
eth1    ethernet  connecting (getting IP configuration)  Wired connection 2 
wlan0   wifi      disconnected                           --                 
can0    can       unmanaged                              --                 
dummy0  dummy     unmanaged                              --                 
rndis0  ethernet  unmanaged                              --                 
usb0    ethernet  unmanaged                              --                 
lo      loopback  unmanaged                              --

then I put in:

sudo nmcli dev wifi hotspot ssid test band a password testtest

and I get back after a long wait:

Error: Connection activation failed: (11) 802.1X supplicant took too long to authenticate.

what have I missed?