not right on the wakenup state

software :

driver source code download

with version 4.0.0

kernel : ubuntu linux-4.4.0-generic


mainboard : MSI C236A

mlnx 0x6750 ethernet card

normally running is ok ,

but when i call pm-suspend --no-quirks or

equally echo -n “mem” >/sys/power/state

when it was waken up by keyboard ,the mlx4 0x6750 not running ok ,

i debug with this problem ,i find that the slice different is in the code to read MLX4_OWNER_BASE

static int mlx4_get_ownership(struct mlx4_dev *dev)


void __iomem *owner;

u32 ret;

if (pci_channel_offline(dev->persist->pdev)){

debug_info_mlx(" ");

return -EIO;


owner = ioremap(pci_resource_start(dev->persist->pdev, 0) +



if (!owner) {

debug_info_mlx(" ");

mlx4_err(dev, “Failed to obtain ownership bit\n”);

return -ENOMEM;


ret = readl(owner);


debug_info_mlx(“ret %d”, ret);

return (int) !!ret;


on normal the last debug is ret 0

but when on the wakeup the insmod code is


always this code

i wonder how to reset the nic card to be read 0

thank you

i do not understand what kind of information you would like to know ,

i give the software and hardware .

and it run it call pm-suspend --no-quirks

and any more ?

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Re: not right on the wakenup state

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Can you provide your full configuration about PM , and powerstate setting for the mlx card ?