Notebook drivers for GT550M

It seems from the NV website that the situation for notebook development drivers has got a lot better than it used to be. But then I read this (problems with Alienware M14x with 3Gb 555 card) :

Question 1) Is this an isolated case ? I don’t like the look of having to hack ‘inf’ files etc.

This is the notebook I’m considering (CUDA 3/4 development) :

•Asus N53SN-SZ085V

•CPU: Intel® Core™ I7-2630QM
•Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 550M, 2 GB
•Memory: 8GB
•OS: 64bit windows 7 Home Premium

Question 2) Currently I’m developing on a desktop – 32-bit WinXP, using OpenGL interop. Assuming I disable the integrated graphics on the above notebook, my app should have no problem ?

Thanks in advance – Richard