Notebook with Nvidia and desktop pc without Nvidia Searching for a good compromise

I have a slow notebook equipped with an Nvidia Mobile graphic card (I think it’s 8600) and a fast desktop pc (unfortunately equipped with an ATI gpu).

I’d love to write my own CUDA code with Visual Studio on the fast pc, then send or execute the program on the notebook (terribly slower).

Is this possible? I do realize that my question might be unclear, but I’m not sure on what it can be done so I’m asking for help

Why not try OpenCL ?

I agree. The 8600 will be so slow as to be nearly useless. You would be better off to either use OpenCL on your ATI card or to purchase a newer NVIDIA GPU.

Maybe not strictly CUDA-related now… but would it be possible to see my notebook desktop on the home (fast) pc? Something like dual-desktop on a single monitor… I am also thinking about VNC-related apps…