Notice — part mismatch between BOM and OrCAD schematics

Hi all, there are mismatches in the part numbers between the BOM and OrCAD schematics for the Jetson AGX Xavier reference carrier board.

The part SKU and stuffing/no-stuffing values may differ between the BOM and schematics due to an exporting error, which we are working to resolve and update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience as we prepare to release the corrected version of the design files.

The BOM is the correct reference and contains the correct values for the design.

Hi all, the BO3 design files and BOM were posted with the corrected part numbering:

Hi gassmimohamed974, the downloads linked to above include the OrCAD schematics and design files.

The OrCAD schematics and design files for the Jetson AGX Xavier reference carrier board can be downloaded from here:

You can download these design files from here:

Please consult the Jetson AGX Xavier Data Sheet and the OEM Product Design Guide: