NPP - request for features

I was told at GTC that NPP developers would like to have feedback regarding desired functions to be added. So I would like to have a ‘color-to-gray’ function inside NPP (for unsigned 8 bit, unsigned 16 bit and float).

Have you had a chance to look at nppiRGBToGray, nppiColorToGray ? If these do not do what you need, I would suggest filing an enhancement request. These can be filed via the bug reporting form linked from the registered developer website. Please prefix the synopsis with “RFE:” so the report is identifiable easily as a request for enhancement rather than a bug report.

The function ‘nppiRGBToGray’ I suppose would do the job. I could not find it in the manuel to the NPP version corresponding to Cuda Toolkit 5.0 - so either I overlooked it or it has been added in toolkit 5.5 or 6.0. Thx for pointing out how to proceed with an enhancement request.

Please refer to pages 543 and following in the NPP documentation:

That is the documentation for CUDA 5.5, which is the version that has been shipping since late 2013. I cannot speak to earlier versions of NPP. CUDA 6.0 is currently in the RC (release candidate) stage.