nppi to encode a jpeg file

just as the title, i wanna encode a RGB data to a jpeg file, i check the jpegNPP example.but it is resize a image, then encode.sorry i’m a cuda newer.

// Forward DCT
for (int i = 0; i < 3; ++i)
NPP_CHECK_NPP(nppiDCTQuantFwd8x8LS_JPEG_8u16s_C1R_NEW(apDstImage[i], aDstImageStep[i],
apdDCT[i], aDCTStep[i],
pdQuantizationTables + oFrameHeader.aQuantizationTableSelector[i] * 64,
before this, how to input my raw data.

some advice will welcome.thanks in advance.

Hi,can you resolve your problem? I meet the same issues with you now.