nppiFilterRow_8u_C1R How to call nppiFilterRow_8u_C1R ?

I’m currently playing around with NPP and benchmarking some of the routines to see if they might be useful for a forthcoming project. Some functions work OK, but others seem to throw an unknown exception type. In particular nppiFilterRow_8u_C1R seems to be problematic - I’ve tried pretty much every variation of possible parameters to try and get this to work and it’s always the same - a mystery exception. So what I’m looking for ideally is a working example of how to call nppiFilterRow_8u_C1R. Bonus points if anyone can identify the type of exception thrown by this and other NPP routines (I’ve tried all the usual suspects: npp::Exception, std::exception, std::string, etc).

FWIW this is CUDA 4.0, Windows XP, Visual Studio Express 2010, on a Core i7 system with a GTX 285.