NSight 2018.5.2 (Linux) remote debugging bugs

On Linux, I’m trying to debug applications on a remote host over ssh. While this works for simple applications like glxgears, directly starting and auto connecting to it, everything else doesn’t work.

  • setting ‘Automatically connect’ to ‘No’ and then hitting launch, the log says that the application is being lauched, no erors show up but the application is actually never launched.
  • in the ‘Attach’ pane, the process list is never updated, no ssh connection is ever established for that.
  • the only exception is on load of a saved project when it asks for the ssh password. A short ssh connection is then made and the process list is updated but the application (if run manually) in the list is greyed out, probably because the ssh connection has already been terminated again.

Hi Generix,

I’m sorry that you are running into this issue. Let’s see if we can get this figured out.

Let’s start with your configuration of both your host and target. For each can you provide OS Version and GFX Driver version? Also, are you using 2018.5.2 on both your Host and Target?


OS: both Gentoo x64, nvidia driver 410.57, NSight Graphics 2018.5.2, Host kernel 4.18, Target kernel 4.9. Target GPU GT1030
Sidenote: The old Linux Graphics Debugger works fine, just doesn’t give me the output I need/want.

Thanks for the info Generix. We will try to reproduce the issue on our side and get back to you.

Also, thanks for letting us know about LGD working fine, it will help us root cause.

Thank you,
but I think you can put that on hold. This seems to be depending on the application to debug. Some just work, some fail with errors, some don’t seem to be started at all. Sometimes the application shows up on the process list when started manually on the target, sometimes not. Always using the same user. Using LGD, all worked fine. So I will have to put specific reproduction steps together first.

Are there any limitations in Nsight compared to LGD? If an application on the process list is greyed out, what does that mean besides not being able to connect to it? Are there any logs on the target to investigate why some applications aren’t started at all?

Alright, let us know if you can get a solid repro.

There are not any known limitations between Nsight and LGD - so it sounds like it’s probably an issue. If something is grayed out, it means that nsight hasn’t intercepted it.

If you try launching the application on the target with the UI and then try connecting to it with the host once it’s injected, does it work?

Also, you may want to check to see if any warnings/errors were thrown by Nsight. In the bottom right there should be a flag that looks like the image below. Anything there?
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