Nsight 3.0 - are Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 Express editions ???

Spent the evening trying to get NSight 3.0 to try and recognize either the Visual Studio 2010 Express or Visual Studio 2012 Express editions on my box. No luck!

Can someone please tell me if MSVC 2010 Express or 2012 Express editions are supported ?


P.S. I am running Windows 7 X64 Pro on a Core i7 990x - Rampage iii Extreme with Tesla C2070

Hi Bob,

Express editions are not supported as these editions do not support extensibility points.
See Supported Visual Studio versions

Is this still true for Nsight 3.1?

As Nsight is an add-in to Visual Studio, it requires a version of Visual Studio that supports extensibility points which the Express versions do not. This has not changed (since 3.0), and there are no plans to change this.