Nsight 3.0 crash


i cant use Nsight 3.0 CUDA debugger with my kernels (sometimes).

When i start the debugger, my program crashs.

After i restarted my computer, “Nsight -> Start CUDA Debugging” runs the program to the end, but didnt generated a report?! And it was very! slow. Typically the program in this minimal conifiguration runs 2-3 seconds, now more like 30-60 seconds.

Here are the screens from the crash…





The “Nsight -> Start Performance Analysis” seems to work so, i have to check it in detail…

Hi, which driver version, GPUs and CUDA toolkit version are you using?

On the last screenshot (where you have the crash, what information is seen when you click on ‘view problem details’ and what is the callstack when you hit the Debug button?

I think i solved it. There was an c++ object, that wasnt deleted, while it was created over and over again for each iteration. In an c++ only solver, it doesnt matter. But with the CUDA analysis tool, it seems to be an heap error (“Memory leak”). Im not 100% sure about that, because i changed some other stuff. But my smartest guess is the heap error. So always make sure you write “delete” for every “new”. Especially! if you deal with CUDA.