Nsight 3.0 everything that is broken for me

This is from my experience trying to use Nsight 3.0 for OpenGL 4.2 Core

Frame Debugger Controls: can’t select “Unit Scale” that part of the GUI is invisible to me

API Inspector: entire interface is frozen, buttons cannot be pressed, and scrollbars cannot be scrolled.

Frame Profiler: Another frozen interface, and occasionally an infinite loading bar in VS.

Geometry: Can view and rotate geometry, can’t interact with any buttons

Pixel History: can’t do anything here

Events: Event list only draws after a resize, and again can’t interact with scrollbar.

Resources: Also need a resize to draw most things, and again can’t interact with anything

Scrubber: actually works pretty well

Shader Debugger: can set breakpoints, but can’t seem to find a way to break on/or select a specific pixel, and values don’t seem to be correct.

The Focus Picker: Seems to actually work pretty well, if a bit confusing at first

Documentation: There is no "Frame Timings" window, and the "How to Set Breakpoints" page refers to HLSL instead of GLSL and mostly HLSL contructs and variables.

Everything that’s in there looks pretty exciting and useful, but sadly at this point most of it doesn’t seem to be usable.

Would you mind providing the following information:

  • Windows version and bitness
  • Visual Studio version and edition
  • GPU driver version
  • GPU model



  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
  • 310.64 driver (newer 314s are breaking my application)
  • GTX480
  • Hi,
    Are you doing local debugging or do you have a remote debugging session (one machine is host another machine is the target where the application is running)?