Nsight 3.0 - how to use if I only have vs2012 ?


I only have visual studio 2012 installed. As I understood it is currently not supported. But maybe there is a standalone debugger ?


Nsight for Visual Studio does not support Visual Studio 2012 at this time. There isn’t a standalone debugger, but the Nsight installer does install support for C++ AMP debugging in Visual Studio 2012.

+1 Jeff Davis
Wasn’t sure if Visual Studio 2012 was really NOT supported, or if the documentation/system-requirements had not been updated yet. Thank you for clarifying.

any idea on when it will be supported?


The plan is to have a release in Q2 2013 that will have support for VS 2012 - this goes in hand with the CUDA toolkit to support VS 2012 (VC11) as well.