NSight 3.2 and compute shaders


I have a D3D11 command line application (i.e. no draw/present calls, no swapchain) that uses compute shaders. I am trying to use the performance analysis tool to get a trace of the application.

It partially works, in that I can see the DX API calls on the timeline, but there is no GPU activity recorded at all. In the summary report, the GPU boxes (I have two GPUS, one GTX680 and one GT520, only the GTX680 is used by the application) are greyed out, and the links for Frames, Performance Markers, Draw Calls, Dispatches and Transfers are disabled.

If I use Graphics Debugging, I get a list of my compute shaders in the shader list, but all have the status “No symbols have been loaded for this shader.” for the entire duration of the execution. I can double click them to view the source code, but if I try to set a breakpoint it won’t get activated.

I’m using driver 331.58.

Is this supposed to work at all, and if so, am I doing something obviously wrong?

Hi EmilS,

Thank you for the feedback. I have identified issues with Nsight, and I have filed bugs for the issues.



Internal #26133, #26134

Hi EmilS,

I think you are not doing wrong thing, the Breakpoint should not be hit as expected, since you did not call ‘Present()’ in that sample.

An Yan