Nsight 4.0 Download missing?

I currently have RC2 installed and wanted to update as it tells me to, but the nsight site links me to the 3.2 download and neither on the download site nor anywhere else can I find the download. The latest Perfkit is there…
Any help on where to download it would be very much appreciated :)

Same here. I am a registered developer, logged in and the latest I see is 3.22 with the only 4.0 offering on the page being the Perfkit. Can we get the link to where it can be downloaded from please? I would like to move on to VS 2013 so I can stop keeping multiple version of VS around.

Me too. The download seems to have just disappeared since I installed it a few days ago after receiving an email telling me that 4.0 production release was out. Came to download it again to install on a different computer and it’s now gone. If you download CUDA 6 Toolkit though, Nsight 4.0 is bundled in there.

That’s true. I’ve downloaded cuda_6.0.37_winvista_win7_win8.1_general_64.exe and NSight 4.0 is bundled in there.
Now I have just VS 2013 installed (i.e. not any older version). However I’ve got the message during installing:

“No supported version of Visual Studio was found. Some components of the cuda toolkit will not work properly. Please install Visual Studio first to get the full functionality.”

What about you, folks?

This is what I’ve got after installing CUDA 6:

- Nsight for VS2013 (No CUDA compiler VS2013 support)
- Nsight Monitor and HUD Launcher
- Nsight C++ AMP Debugger for VS2012/VS2013
- Nsight C++ AMP Target Support for MSVSMON”

I quit. I’m going to install VS 2012 again… :(
I wish you better luck, folks.

@DouglasMotaDias I had that same error as well with a plain VS 2013 installer and the CUDA 6 setup.


The download issue for 4.0 installers has been addressed. It coincide with a new build of 4.0 that we were planning on, so you will now see a new Nsight 4.0 build available from the same site. Apologies for the disruption.

This is expected. The reason is that the CUDA 6.0 compiler does not support VS 2013, however, Nsight (being able to debug, trace, profile) from Visual Studio is supported in VS 2013. You will need to install a pre VS 2013 toolchain in order to build the VS 2013 project by setting the platformtoolset to the pre VS 2013 one.

Thank you