Nsight 4.0 RC1 - Trying to debug DX9 Release shaders - HLSL assembly.

Hi, I’m pretty stuck on this one so would appreciate help.

Note: Using Nsight frame debugger.

On DX11 I can debug DX11 HLSL assembly (without having any debug info on the shaders) using the latest nSight (4.0 RC).
However, on DX9 I don’t manage to do it.
I also don’t see “Pixel History”.

Am I doing something wrong or is it simply not supported?


Unfortunately Nsight does not support shader debugging or pixel history for DX9.


Hi Dan,
Thank you very much for your reply!

I really really wish there was some support for it, especially considering the big amount of titles that keep getting released in DX9.

Are there any plans of supporting this?
Is there another existing tool that you know that supports this?
(Apart from Pix which crashes all the time)

Thanks again,

We don’t have any plans to support this at this time, unfortunately. I’m not familiar with any other tools that do support it.