Nsight 4.6 final, immediate crash when starting graphics debugging

I have have just upgraded to nsight and am now unable to successfully run the graphics debugger with any of my projects.

I am using VS2013 community edition, DirectX 11, Windows 7. I am connecting to the localhost to debug. My driver version is 350.12.

When debugging my x64 version nsight starts up, my window flashes up briefly, and then nsight closes quietly with the usual disconnected from local host message. However if I debug my x86 version I get the offer of a minidump which seems to show that the swap chain wasn’t created successfully.

I had a similar, if less consistent problem with that I never got to the bottom of.

Anyone have any ideas before I have to roll back to 4.2 again?


I’m sorry to hear that, more information need:

  • it’s good to have your dump
  • even better to have your sample to do some local repro/debug
  • since it’s failed to create swap chain, can you post your codes about create swap chain?


Hi Hecatonchires,

This issue looks similar to what have fixed, but not exactly the same. we are trying to fix it.