NSight 5.0 keyboard input

Hey, I can’t find anything about this anywhere…

I am debugging kernels and switching between lanes in the “CUDA info” pane. Double clicking the lanes is extremely tedious…

Are there any keyboard shortcuts to support switching the active lane? From a user interface perspective, I have to:

  1. target the (small) box,
  2. double click it,
  3. find the data element I am debugging
  4. Observe the data element
  5. goto 1.

There is too much back and forth for my attention between the panes. Ideally I could click a few buttons and move up and down the laneIDs while being able to keep my attention on the data element of interest.

If not, how can I request for this to be added in future versions?


I’m sorry to say currently we don’t have shortcut key to change lane focus. Besides double click lane boxes, you could use CUDA Debug Focus menu as well. Right click on tool bar and enable Nsight CUDA Debug. Click the focus coordinate button. Then you will see CUDA Debug Focus menu. Input the target coordinate and press Enter key. Debugging focus will jump to it. Not sure whether this way could ease your work a little. I hope so. On the left side of the focus corrdinage button, there two buttons to move to previous/next active warp. They will stay at the first lane of a warp.

Regarding your request about “click a few buttons and move up and down the laneIDs”, I will file an enhancement request for Nsight developer. We need management’s decision when it’s implemented. Thanks for comprehending.

Awesome, thanks for considering this UI enhancement.

One more thing that is quite painful that warrants mentioning…

The decimal/hexadecimal toggle in VS is unstable. If I am trying to see values represented in one mode, certain inputs to the CUDA Info display will change the decimal/hexadecimal mode. This can be quite frustrating if the display mode matters and you have to keep manually switching back.

It seems as if the state IS getting set properly BUT the display isn’t representative of the state. What I mean by this is that when it auto-switches the decimal/hexadecimal mode to get the display to show the correct mode the user has to click on (either version) the Hex button twice (toggle away, toggle back) to get the desired display mode.


Do you mean when input filter in Cuda Info window, Cucontext and Cumodule alternative drop down list may show decimal values in some pages? I have reproduced this issue on my side and filed a bug for developers. Thank you for pointing that out.