Nsight 5.2 RC2 debugging issues

I’ve just installed a GTX 1080 instead of a TitanX(Maxwell) and it executes fine.
However, I’m now unable to debug the kernel code properly in Visual Studio.
The debugger stops only at the 1st preset breakpoint, with no option for breaking at subsequent lines.
Furthermore, stepping through the code seemingly resumes execution, while ‘Break All’ returns to the same line of the 1st breakpoint.
Has anyone encountered this behavior?

My system is Dell Alienware Area-51 desktop with GT 720 for display, Win 10 64bit, Nvidia Driver 375.70, CUDA 8.0, Visual Studio 2013 Update 5.

Yes, it appears to be a known issue; see:

Thanks for pointing this out.
I’ve already seen two of these topics, but nothing is quite identical to what I’ve experienced.
It seems there are different manifestations to the instability in supporting Pascal.
It is important to note that once reverting to TitanX, the debugger works as expected, so the issue is restricted to the new architecture.
I hope the capable staff at Nvidia would resolve these issues promptly.

Hi all,

The Nsight cuda debug doesn’t work well on windows 10 RS1 due to the driver issue, we already have a internal bug to track it, I just got the fixed build and driver this morning, hope this issue is fixed. If it’s fixed, you guys can see it in the next build.

Besides the shader debugger only works with kepler cards, this is a known issue and it won’t be fixed in next build, hope it will be fixed in future.

Best Regards

Hi Harry,
It is very encouraging to realize you were already on it.
Looking forward to testing the next build!

@harryz_ Thanks for the update. Will this fix also resolve the issues on Win 7?

Sure it will do, the tests passed with our latest internal nsight and driver, you’ll get them soonm

I just verified that the debugger works well on the GTX 1080 with the latest driver 375.95 released Nov 18.
My apologies for the late response, as I no longer had that card available and I got hold of a new one just now.