Nsight 5.6 and 6.0 Visual Studio 2017 crash (Quadro P2000 notebook) on debugging

Hi. We have been experiencing this issue already for a long time on Notebooks with Quadro P2000 GPU.
Windows 10 Professional 64bit,
VisualStudio 2017 Professional 64bit C++ project.

Rendering backend: OpenGL 4.5 (core profile)
The bug goes as follows: when the NSight graphics debugger is launched, I can see the app windows,then I click the button “Pause for live analysis”, the visual studio freezes and then crashes.Sometimes it doesn’t crash till I start interacting with rendering events timeline which is presented by Nsight.
It happens with NSight 5.6 and now also installed Nsight 6.0 with the latest drivers 411.63 and observing the same behavior.
I don’t have any other Windows machine with different GPU to deduce that the problem is related to the Quadro,but that is my feeling. And we tested on more than one notebook with similar hardware/software configurations.

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into this issue. DG-2811