NSight 6.0 D3D12 debug layer is incompatible with HW signal collection

Hello everyone, I’m trying to debug a D3D12 Application I’ve been working on for the past months.
Using Visual Studio 2017 and NSight 6.0

I first installed NSight around November last year, and I was able to run Live Analysis to see how a Frame was being constructed. I found this feature to be really usefull, and allowed me to find bugs in my SSAO solution.

Fast Fordward today, I’m not able to run the Live Analysis any longer. When I run “Start Graphics Debugging” I get the following warning (I’m not sure if I got it before)

The D3D12 debug layer is incompatible with HW signal collection. Profiling will be disabled.

Then I hit Ctrl-Z on my Application window, and go for “Pause for Live Analysis”.
This used to bring a new window (Nvidia Nsight Replay) where I could move trough the Frame events timeline and see visual debugging, but now it just gives me a black screen.
I can still move through the event timeline (Scrubber) in VS, but I can’t see geometry nor textures, nothing usefull.

I’m not sure what could have changed, I tried installing a newer version of NSight and my Drivers. I tried with the recommended drivers (411.63) but it does not work.
I can only think of a Windows 10 Update breaking something.

I’m testing on a Desktop PC with a GTX 960 card.
Also tried in my Notebook with a GTX 940MX card (Where I also get a warning about Microsoft Windows Hybrid Graphics system).

Any ideas on what could be the problem?

NsightVSE Graphics Debugging is incompatible with the debug runtime in all versions of Direct3D (see release notes). This is true for Nsight Graphics as well.
Does it work your your D3D12 is built in Release mode?

You are right, I actually thought it could be related to that.
But I was SURE I had tried it in Release Mode too and that it had failed.

I tried again, and it works perfectly fine now. I feel so dumb!

Thanks rbischof!

One more thing…

Does this work in a release build with the debug layer disabled?

In your code (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/d3d12sdklayers/nf-d3d12sdklayers-id3d12debug-enabledebuglayer)
or through dxcpl.exe