NSight 6.0 debugger crash - Cuda 10.0 + VS17 + Windows Server 2012 R2


I’m trying the GeForce RTX2080Ti card.

Installed latest available Windows driver (417.01) + Cuda 10.0 + NSight 6.0.

Using VS17 (v15.7.3). NSight internal profiler is working, debugger is not…

For the new RTX card, legacy Cuda debugger is not supported and since I have one card and the WDDM mode is not supported either - there is no way to debug.

Any possible solutions? Any help is much appreciated !!

I regret to say that the Legacy CUDA Debugger only supports up to Pascal GPUs and the Next-Gen debugger requires the features in win10 RS4 or later, so neither of these debugger covers your configurtion.