Nsight Aftermath DXR Support

I have a TDR (Device Lost) in a DX12 DXR Miss Shader, and thought I would try running NSight 2019.2 against it. I read that NSight Aftermath now supports DXR, and that the driver update from April would be needed to support it.

Nsight Aftermath DXR support will be fully enabled with the mid-April release of the NVIDIA graphics driver

So I updated to the 430.64 driver which was released on May 9th, 2019 and ran Aftermath against my project. It created a Dump and let me view it but there doesn’t seem to be anything in there about the miss shader.

It says the “Graphics Pipeline” is Busy, everything else is idle, Here’s what I see in the Crash Info window:

Graphics Pipeline: Busy
Vertex/Tesselation/Geometry: Idle
Graphics Processing Clusters: Idle
Texture Processing Clusters: Idle
Raser: Idle
Pixel: Idle
Texture: Idle
Memory: Idle

I did a text search in the last three driver’s release notes and didn’t see anything there about aftermath, so maybe this is still under development? Or could I just be doing something wrong here?

I think we’ve tracked down that this issue is due to infinite recursion, the Miss shader calling TraceRays, which calls the Miss shader, and so on. Maybe this is a case that Aftermath doesn’t handle like I would think?

Hi Robert,

Sorry for the late replay, and thanks for the question.

When viewing the dump in Nsight Graphics, were there any Warps in flight?

This is a supported use case and it sounds like you did get a dump. Would you be able to send us your NV-GPUDMP file?

Also, you could try with the Nsight Graphics 2019.3 version that came out yesterday.

Additionally, which GPU SKU are you using?


Hi Robert,

Are you still seeing issues?