Nsight Aftermath update with R510 driver changes

Starting with R510 driver releases, the Nsight Aftermath marker feature will be temporarily disabled. This is a debug-only feature that is used to help narrow down the part of a frame that is causing GPU instability. While documented to only be used by developers during in-studio testing, some applications have the feature enabled in shipping games, which can cause undue overhead for users running on NVIDIA hardware. We are working to reduce the overhead of this feature, or provide additional controls to developers to selectively enable this only in known situations of GPU instability.

For developers who would like to still use the marker feature during their development or in studio QA testing, simply run the Nsight Aftermath Monitor, included in the SDK and in the Nsight Graphics package, and markers will be reenabled on that system. Developers are not permitted to ship the monitor as part of their installation package.
For further questions email us: devtools-support@nvidia.com