Nsight-compute over ssh: Failed to prepare kernel for profiling

I’m trying to profile a cuda kernel with nsight-compute over ssh. The host is an x86 debian, the nsight-compute (from Download Center | NVIDIA Developer) version is 2021.2 (which according to this resource JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer seems to be the matching version). The device is a jetson agx/32 with cuda 10.2 etc.

I’m accessing the device as root. Otherwise I get an “Error: Unknown error” for each kernel in the program.

The program runs in the profiler, but when trying to profile any individual kernel I get “Failed to prepare kernel for profiling”. What could be the reason for that?

I have seen this thread: How to avoid the error ==ERROR== Failed to prepare kernel for profiling I’m already running the nsight-compute version that is presumably closest to jetpack 4.6. I cannot install the specific jetpack/host version of nsight-compute through the sdk manager because the sdk manager refuses to install anything on a debian os.

If the nsight-compute version might be an issue, where can I obtain the correct version?

best regards, Lukas Wirz


Please install the Nsight Compute from the CUDA package of JetPack.
The compatible version is 2019.5.3 and is located at /opt/nvidia/nsight-compute/.


Ok, and as I was asking above, where can I get that version given the constraint that I run an up to date Debian? Or is it a hard requirement to run a four-year-old Ubuntu to profile kernels on Xavier?


That is the Nsight Compute version, not related to the host OS version.
You can get it by installing the host package with SDK Manager.


No, that doesn’t work. The sdk manager refuses to install anything unless the correct version of ubuntu is detected.

Reference for anyone else having this issue: You can obtain the correct *deb package from another computer where the correct ubuntu version is installed. However, it can’t easily be installed because of package dependencies/conflicts, especially if any other cuda packages are already installed. The only straightforward method seems to be to install a four-year-old ubuntu on a spare computer. It would be quite nice if nvidia were documenting this requirement.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.


Would you mind sharing your host environment and the dependencies error with us?


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