Nsight Compute remote launch failed


  • Server: AWS g4dn.xLarge instance (T4), Ubuntu 18.04, ncu version : 2022.4.1.0
  • Local machine: MacBook, ncu version : 2022.4.1.0


  • Running Nvidia Compute on local machine and connecting to the server and launch results in an error message.

    Preparing to launch...
    Checking file deployment: libInterceptorInjectionTarget.so
    Checking file deployment: libTreeLauncherPlaceholder.so
    Checking file deployment: libTreeLauncherTargetInjection.so
    Checking file deployment: libTreeLauncherTargetUpdatePreloadInjection.so
    Checking file deployment: TreeLauncherTargetLdPreloadHelper
    Checking file deployment: libcuda-injection.so
    Deploying libcuda-injection.so to /tmp/var/target/linux-desktop-glibc_2_11_3-x64/libcuda-injection.so (62.69 MiB)
    Failed to deploy libcuda-injection.so
    Failed to deploy files. Check if your user has write permissions in the selected target directory.

    However, there seems to be no permission issue in the working directory and the deployment directory.

How can I remotely connect to a server from a local machine and launch Nsight Compute?

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same issue met.

At first glance, this looks like the issue may be with the available space in the /tmp/var/target… directory. Can you check if there are any space restrictions you are running into on that machine?

You can also try to manually scp the files, for example libcuda-injection.so, into that directory and the result may shine some light on what’s happening. In theory, you should be able to manually copy the entire target directory over and then when you run the remote profile, it will see the files are already there and not need to copy anything at all. If you do copy everything, the ncu binary will be there and you can try logging in and running a CLI profile directly on the remote machine.

If space is the issue, you can change the deployment directory in the GUI when setting up the remote connection to something with more space, like your home directory.

Let me know if any of that helps or if you still are running into an issue.