Nsight Compute won't run on non-english windows

I tried to use Nsight Compute on Korean Windows 10.
but Error message “lookup error unknown encoding cp949” was shown in the CLI.
so I tried change windows system locale to Unicode(cp65001; beta on windows10) from Koren(cp949).
and then the Error message is changed to “lookup error unknown encoding cp65001”.

I think that error may cause the system locale and not show on English system locale.
therefore finally, I changed the windows system locale to English and then Nsight Compute works.

I think that the error message is the python error message.

Please fix this error ASAP.


Thanks for reporting the issue.

We reproduced the issue internally and will work on a fix.


Until the issue is fixed in a newer release of Nsight Compute, you should be able to workaround the problem by setting the environment variable PYTHONIOENCODING=UTF-8