NSight crashes when graphics debugging DX9 app on latest driver GForce 560ti. VS12, Win8.


I installed the NSight a few days ago and I can’t make it work stable. The performance analysis does not analyze DX calls at all (empty report and no error messages) and constantly crashes. Graphics debugging seams to work more or less stable when not in Frame Profiler mode. Frame Profiler crashes the app after around 20 seconds to a minute of work. I tried debugging the same app on a different system (Win7, VS12, different NVidia GPU 600+) and everything works perfectly. What could be a problem? My gpu?

P.S. A quick question - I read that NSight can debug shaders and I understood that means line by line (like intellitrace). I can’t find how to do it in my DX9 app, is it even supported? Just give me the name of the mode I need to look into, if there is one, I will read all the rest.


P.S.S Added a crash dump.
Desktop168975aa-5616-476b-b72e-21cfc76cd61f.rar (107 KB)
Desktope433019f-3547-4366-988f-9b750b6b4ecd.rar (82.3 KB)

Naturally noone answered me. But I think I figured out the problem. Our app used too much memory (almost the entire x86 app’s limit). The closer we got there the faster NSight crashed. It does not matter how much RAM you have, looks like NSight allocates memory from your app’s limit. So keep that in mind if you experience unknown crashes.

Well I’m not using DX but OpenGL and ran out of nothing in crashes when entering shader-debugging (setting breakpoints). Also I experience a very bad performance of Nsight during shader debugging , nearly bringing my machine to a halt when having lots of events/frame.
What I don’t get is why Nsight is behaving like this although I have the most recent GeForce (770Gtx) with up-to-date drivers, quad-core and 16GB Ram. It would be such a powerful tool for developing applications using the GPU, but with those issues it seems too premature. I just wonder what tools game-developers use.