Nsight debugger does not launch after external program start

In the nvidia user settings, I select launch external program and select the path of my application, the connection is localhost. Then I build and I select, Nsight->start CUDA debugging. I have a couple of breakpoints on the file. This used to work, but all of the sudden yesterday happened what follows: the application started (like usually) but then the debugging arrow does not appear in the code, as if the debugger never entereed it. I did not change anything in the code.
I am new to programming and especially CUDA, so I really do not have a clue on what happened.


Are the new breakpoints set in the CPU code maybe? While the application is running, is the breakpoint solid red? If it is not, can you mouse over the breakpoint and see what it says?

Hi rafi,

No, they are set in the GPU, and they are solid red.

By now I found out what the problem was, I wanted to make a test sample for the code and so I thought, let’s try the test tool from VS, so I clicked “test”, “new test”; afterwards I didn’t know how to create a metadata file and I let the idea besides.

Apparently this caused the debbuger some kind of problem, as it wanted to go directly to the output skiping the break points (or not reaching them).

I found out this using the WinDIff tool; with it you compare the last working version with the not working version; this new test file added somewhere was the only difference.

Thanks you for trying to help me!