Nsight debugger run problem ...

Hello …

i run my code and getting correct answer but when i want to debug it by Nsight Nvidia debugger , i’ll encounter with this error :

the nsight debugger was not able to start because of the program ‘’ is invalid . please verify the output file name in visual studio , and the Nsight user properties . launch external program setting . this must be an absolute path.

as i read in instruction , i must create a new fake visual fortran project and click on my project item [not my solution item], then i must find the Nsight Option icon in the solution explorer tab.

i do the procedure but i don’t find that Nsight Option icon in the solution explorer tab …

i’ll be appreciate if someone tell me that where i’ll find it ?

Hi reza_m,

I think you need to select your project under your solution, after you click your project, you should see the Nsight Option icon in solution explorer tab.