nsight debugging with OpenGL interop

I have some problems with making OpenGL interop work. Usually I program on Linux, now I’v setup a Windows environment just to debug with the nsight version of Visual Studio.

But when I try to start the debugger (either Graphics or CUDA Debugging), it doesn’t work. The CUDA debugger just disconnects and the Graphics debugger disconnects with

FrameDebugger: Unsupported operation encountered; saving compatibility log to 'C:\Users\##\Documents\NVIDIA Nsight\nvcompatlog.txt'

The file then says

cuGraphicsGLRegisterImage (Registering GL textures for CUDA-Interop is unsupported)

Does it mean there is no way to debug CUDA, when there is interop present? It’s hard to believe and so I want to make sure the problem is not on my computer only.