Nsight develpment slower on tegra powered devices!

I’ve been using nsight for VS for around 3 years now (On non-tegra powered android devices)

I just decided to purchase a tegra powered tablet to speed up debugging, however its the opposite especially loading the .so files, Its not the speed the tablet as deployment is fast but when nsight finds its a tegra device it then loads 13(im my case) more .so files at debug time this over doubles the start up time for debugging session from 9sec to 25sec!

Can I disable extra the .so files (which I don’t want to debug) from being load…

Loaded ‘libnvrm_graphics.so’
Loaded ‘libnvrm.so’
Loaded ‘libnvos.so’
Loaded ‘libnvcms.so’
Loaded ‘libardrv_dynamic.so’
Loaded ‘libnvddk_2d_v2.so’
Loaded ‘gralloc.tegra.so’
Loaded ‘libEGL_tegra.so’
Loaded ‘libEGL_tegra_impl.so’
Loaded ‘libGLESv1_CM_tegra.so’
Loaded ‘libGLESv2_tegra.so’
Loaded ‘libnvddk_2d.so’
Loaded ‘libGLESv2_tegra_impl.so’
Loaded ‘libGLESv1_CM_tegra_impl.so’
Loaded ‘libcgdrv.so’

Like I said the idea is to speed up the process with tegra device not make it slower?

Yikes, looks like nsight is dead ?

Hi RichUK,

You set auto-solib-add to 0 in a gdb.setup file. It will prevent loading of symbols for all shared libraries, and you can then add files manually with the sharedlibrary command (which accepts a regex). If this regex is omitted, then all shared libraries are loaded.


Hello Rich,
I would kindly ask you to provide some additional details which will help us to diagnose that problem.
Please, share with us the following information:

  1. The output of ``` adb shell getprop ``` command for your Tegra device
  2. Copy&paste the information from VS About dialog. You can open that dialog by using Help\About VS menu item, and then just press Ctrl+C combo to copy all information into the clipboard.
  3. Could you reproduce this issue with any of the Gameworks OpenGL(ES) graphics samples? They're published in this repository: https://github.com/NVIDIAGameWorks/GraphicsSamples

Victor do you have an example gdb.setup file, I have none on my machine and couldn’t find one on the internet.

I got it to recognise the gdb.setup file in the lib folder but dont know the syntax for the file, the website didnt help!

took a few guesses but no joy either

set auto-solib-add=0 ??

the only shared lib name I want to debug is libMINE.so

according to docs I could find it says…
set auto-solib-add off

but this crashes

Hi RichUK,

A gdb.setup file example

set solib-search-path C:/Users/XXXX/Debug;C:/Users/XXX/debug/Lib
directory "C:/Users/XXXX/src" "C:/Users/XXXX/src2" 
set auto-solib-add 0
sharedlibrary libMINE.so

You can specify the gdb.setup at Project Property Pages>Configuration Properties>Debugging>gdb.setup File Folder.


Pretty much what ive tried, as soon as I add the line
set auto-solib-add 0

I get the crash, Illegal Instruction (SIGILL)

when compiling.

Hello Rich.

Let me clarify a few things:

  1. this SIGILL is delivered to your application process during the debugging session, because the compilation process is performed on a Windows host where is no such thing as SIGILL.
  2. Please provide us the extension log files
  3. Try to debug any of GameWorks graphics samples and check if the issue is reproducible in such case

Created a new example android project with Native Code, added no code, it compiles and deploys runs no issues, but as soon as I add the

set auto-solib-add 0

to the gdb.setup file I get the crash, Illegal Instruction (SIGILL)

Is there a log which shows what caused the crash?

Hey Rich

Could you please archive and share with us the content of the following directory:
Logs - %AppData%\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Tegra\Logs