NSight DXGI/Windows 8 Crash

Hey guys, I’m using NSight VSE 2.2 (Winodws x64) with a GeForce 460M on Windows 8. I have got it integrated with VS 2008 and VS 2012, but as soon as I try doing Graphics Debugging, all my programs (as well as the DirectX samples) crash during CreateSwapChain. This only occurs for DirectX 10+ applications, and I believe it has to do with differences in Windows 8’s DXGI interface (PIX also crashes in Windows 8 in a similar location).

The crash is Nvda.Graphics.Interception.100.dll: Access violation reading location 0x00000000 @ Nvda.Graphics.Interception.100.dll!1013dae9()

The stack is a few levels deep, but the calling code is IDXGIFactory::CreateSwapChain

If I run a D3D9 application, there are no issues. I’m wondering if there is a workaround, or if this will be resolved in the next release?

Windows 8 is not currently supported. I don’t believe it will be resolved in the next release, rather the release after that.