Nsight Eclipse edition doesn't recognized thrust::host_vector members...

Okay, I’m kind of a Nsight and IDE noob. This is the first IDE I’ve ever really decided to use that’s not Gedit so I’m kind of wondering, why does NSight not recognize member functions of thrust::host_vector?

I’ve learned that I need to include the include paths in the project->symbols and paths or w/e and the IDE even recognizes thrust::host_vector as a valid type. However, the member functions are not valid. I’m using things like thrust::host_vector::resize() and ::capacity() and stuff like that. Nsight is telling me that these can’t be resolved.

Why would this only be happening for thrust::host_vector?

“why does NSight not recognize member functions of”

this may happen when A is (forward) declared in header X, and B is (forward) declared in header Y
with the inclusion of header X, A is recognized, but B not

hence, make sure you have included all the necessary headers, and that the declarations of the member functions you are using, are indeed in the headers you are including (you can indeed examine, and even search, the headers)
also that the library paths are proper

Thank you for the response.

I didn’t get to try what you suggested though because I was able to fix it on my own.

I read up about deleting the hidden metadata folder so I did that and when it did, it deleted all the metadata so I had to re-create my project in the IDE. So when I was doing it, I think I chose to import a current Makefile project (which is what I have in the first place) and it created a new project with a butt ton of include paths.

This time, thrust::host_vector’s member functions were recognized. So I guess I forgot to include something even though I did include the CUDA include path on my system. Idk, man. It works now though so I’m happy but you know what I liked about Gedit? I literally never had to fight it.

Nsight is nice but, man, I haven’t yet met an IDE that I don’t have to wrestle with at some point in time.

Okay, if anyone knows, does anyone know how to disable or change the color of kernels in Nsight? Like, when I type a kernel, it doesn’t follow the same background color. I’ve been looking for how to change this and for the life of me I cannot figure it out or find it.

you actually notice background colours whilst coding?

the only time i have seen the background colour of a ‘section’ changing, is when i create headers and duplicate header guards

hence, perhaps it is not supposed to occur; only that you are doing something ‘mischievous’