Nsight Eclipse Edition not finding sources on remote target

I use Nsight Eclipse Edition in remote project mode. The build process is working, but when I edit sources in Eclipse the editor indicates error and can not find definitions in files that reside only on the target.

For example:

1: NvDrmRenderer* r;
2: r = NvDrmRenderer::createDrmRenderer(“rederer0”,1920,1080,0,0,0,0,metadata,false);
3: int planes = r->getPlaneCount();

The editor indicates the following error on line 3:

Method ‘getPlaneCount’ could not be resolved

The editor also cannot find definition of NvDrmRenderer to give editing help by showing available methods. When using Eclipse in local project mode it is very helpful and makes suggestions while editing. Is it possible to get this Eclipse feature working also in remote project mode?