Nsight eclipse error on tx2

I’m using Nsight eclipse edition to remotely profile on Jeston TX2. But I’m getting the error:
“Data collection for analysis 1 stages failed”
“Metric 20643845 not found”
“Metric 20643845 not found”

Any help?
I followed this link: https://devblogs.nvidia.com/cuda-jetson-nvidia-nsight-eclipse-edition/

Hi efiryw2d,

We could not reproduce this issue using CUDA toolkit version 10.0.326 from Jetpack 4.2.2 (latest release).

Can you please provide more information, like

CUDA toolkit version installed on Host and Target machine. You can get this information by running below command.

/usr/local/cuda-10.0/bin/nvcc --version

Please use latest release if you are using older than toolkit version 10.0.326

Hi rameshgunjal ,
I will take this call from efiryw2d (he was asking gor me to do so…)
Any way : Cuda toolkit version on linux host : 10.0.326
Cuda toolkit version on jetson TX2 : 10.0.166
I will try to update toolkit on TX2 (i understand it needs to be flashed and there isn’t any update option, am i right?)
Other info required here?

Hi Shalomshlomi.Peer,

That’s right. It is not possible to update CUDA toolkit on target device. You need to flash new image with new JetPack release to get CUDA 10.0.326.

Currently developer preview version is available here.