Nsight Eclipse gives error when looking for documentation of elements specified in CUDA headers.

As in the topic. I get error message box anytime I hover over CUDA specific part of code, ie. threadIdx.x or so.
Error message says “Must specify a URI scheme:XXX” where XXX is a header file containing hovered function/structure/define/etc.

The question is how to fix it? Have I something misconfigured or is it a common error? I never before used Eclipse for C/C++ and I’m a bit lost here.

This was a bug in a preview version of CUDA 5.0 toolkit, I am unable to reproduce it on final CUDA toolkit 5.0.

Are you on Linux or Mac?

I’m on Mac. I’ve noticed that when i run Nsight from shell everything works correct. After that I narrowed the problem to the $PATH and $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH are not being set when running Nsight using provided app launcher. So it will be the whole problem.

For those who do’t like running it from shell you can easily create an Automator script to set variables and then run IDE.

I’ve encountered the same problem when I use Cuda 5.5 release candidate on Fedora 18 64bit.

When I start nsight using desktop shortcut, the error will emerge whenever I hover over cuda functions in source codes.

But thanks oskargargas’s hint, I start nsight from bash shell, then the problem disappear.

Maybe there need some enviroment variables to be set? I used Cuda 5.0, never encounter this error inspite of how I started nsight. After Cuda 5.0 installed, the software indicated me that some enviroment variable need be set.

But I installed Cuda 5.5 by rpm repo, so never set any enviroment variables for it.

I am currently unable to confirm this issue using NVIDIA-built CUDA packages. Are you using RPM coming from NVIDIA (there used to be some 3rd parties packaging CUDA toolkit)?

Can you try running Nsight with a different workspace (use File ->“Switch workspace” and select a new non-existing folder) and check if you still see the issue?