Nsight extremly slow with shader debugging

This is running fine and is responsive:
Starting the application through “Nsight/Start Graphics debugging”, the Nsight HUD is displaying the information over the window correctly, I can "“Pause and capture frame” and “Resume” the run and everything is quick as expected, I can scroll through the frame events timeline interactively. In the “API Inspector” I can switch to any tab.

But when I switch to the PS tab and click the link to the shader (and set a breakpoint) the interaction became extremely slow. It takes approx. 10s between my click and response of the environment. This makes the debugging useless (in more demanding shaders it takes much more than 10s)

What is the requirement to achieve the interactivity demonstrated in the webinar Nsight3_2_Debug-OGL-4_2.mp4?

GTX 670, i5 750, 16GB RAM
Win 7 64bit, SP1
VS 2015 Community
Nsight 5.0 or 5.1
TDR delay 30.0s, other setting on its default values
nvidia driver: the one recommended or newer
debugged application: probably every, tried mine and also the “Scenario 1 Begin” from “Nsight3_2_DebuggingLabs_Siggraph13” example

Hi Martin321,

The best way to accelerate the process is using two machines to do shader debugging, one is host, the other is target.

If you only use one machine to do shader debugging, you can open NVIDIA Nsight Options, click Graphics page, change Shader debugging preference to low-level, Eg. “Minimal Debugging Experience” or “Limited Debugging Experience”.

BTW, maybe you can restart the test machine for a try, sometimes it works.