Nsight forcing rebuild with VS 2010.

If I use Nsight -> Start Graphics Debugging, close the program and try to run again using the regular Start button my project is forced to do a full rebuild. This happens every time without any code changes. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Hi LazyWaves,

Sorry to hear that, but I just tried the latest Nishgt 3.0, and open DXSDK sample solution ShadowMap (*.sln). After ‘rebuild’, I can ‘Start Graphics Debugging’ and regular ‘Start’ debug button without any full rebuild request.

Maybe there are some different between your sys and mine, Can you tell me the version of Nsight? and Can you try to use the DXSDK sample solution (*.sln) to see whether the ‘full rebuils’ still required? If these are all ok, can you send us the project (if it is ok for you) that we can have a repro locally and identify what happens.

An Yan

It seems like C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs\NVDRSDB0.BIN is causing all of my projects to rebuild.

Below is a sample debug output from the compiler.

[8940] Project ‘C:\GRICode\trunk\Effects11\Effects11_2010.vcxproj’ not up to date because ‘C:\PROGRAMDATA\NVIDIA CORPORATION\DRS\NVDRSDB0.BIN’ was modified at 05/21/2013 13:27:09, which is newer than ‘C:\GRICODE\TRUNK\VDM\DEBUG\EFFECTS11.LIB’ which was modified at 05/21/2013 15:52:32.


Looks like it is some related visual studio, which not attempt to determine whether this file was really #include’d or is random. Please try to disable the Nvidia Update Service, see whether it still happen. Sorry that I can not repro this in my local machine, otherwise I can confirm that for you.