Nsight - Game has quit unexpectedly

I am not sure if this might not be some compatibility issue so list of all elements first:

  • [b]Visual studio 2013
  • .NET 4.5
  • Nsight 4.6
  • Monogame 3.4
  • [/b]

Working directory is set right. First I tried it on my project then on small example game project, both build for x86 which cause “quit unexpectedly” error + Minidump right after start. Well to be precise it start application to point of white window, then crash.

x64 ends up with win32exception.

There is minidump and project (second, small one) is already on gitHub, I will link it if required.

Hi Ravendarke,

As I said, Nsight don’t support managed codes, but it should prompt some message and tell your binary is managed code. Could you share your sample to us and we can do some investigation about why it don’t show the message out.