NSight GLSL debug for a particular frame


How can I debug a particular frame in GLSL using NSight? For example, the very first frame?
In my application, I need to debug the first frame, if I use Ctr-Z then Space style, it will be too late after the first frame was rendered. I have been looking for the information online, however, I can’t find the answer.
Is this doable?

I appreciate for your help.

Hi Yuhsiang,

That might need some modification on your codes. Nsight doesn’t support capture specific frame, you might need to make your sample keep looping at your first frame, and make Nsight do capture.



Looping on the first frame could be an issue if it crashes and you want to debug the crash. It would be really helpful if you could launch NSight with frame debugging enabled and then step through the individual frames, obviously starting with the first one. The first frame is the one where the all the initialization code happens, so not being able to debug that is less than ideal.