Nsight Graphics 2020.2.1.20105 Vulkan Image3D Resource View not correct at slice > 0

by storing color = vec4(gl_GlobalInvocation.xyz / vec3(32, 32, 128), 1) to each pixel of an image 3d(w=32,h=32,d=128)

we got a result in nsight graphics

and rendering the same result to a texture, save it as a file

it seems only the first slice is correctly shown in nsight graphics.


A few months ago you reported an issue regarding your Vulkan Image3D resource view not correct at slice > 0. I wanted to let you know that this issue has been addressed in Nsight Graphics 2020.4, released on 08/24/2020. Thanks again for reporting your issue, and if you have any further comments, don’t hesitate to send in more feedback.


Darrell Woods, Nsight Graphics Program Manager