Nsight Graphics 2021.5.1.0 - can't launch the application which calls PdhEnumObjects

I use Nsight Graphics for profiling my OpenGL application under Windows 10 (Quick launch → Frame Profiler). When I add to my application the following lines of the code:

unsigned long int objlen = 2048;
char objlist[2048];
PdhEnumObjects(0, 0, objlist, &objlen, PERF_DETAIL_EXPERT, FALSE);

I can’t launch a frame profiler. When I run my application without using Nsight Graphics everything works fine but when I launch the application using Nsight Graphics PdhEnumObjects function hangs out. Do you have any idea why it happens ?


Thank you for your feedback on Nsight Graphics and I am sorry you ran into this issue. We were able to reproduce the issue on our side and a bug has been filed to track this issue to resolution. In the meantime, there is no known work around other than to not use this facility.