NSight Graphics - Missing Frame Profiler Activity


I’m running NSight Graphics 2023.2.0.0, on a Vulkan app, actually the Vulkan-glTF-PBR to be precise, on Windows 10.

When I click the “Connect” button, under “Activity”, I see Frame Debugger, Generate C++ Capture, GPU Trace Profiler, and System Trace. I do not see Frame Profiler. Why is that? Also, I think the Shader Profiler is part of the expected Frame Profiler result, so I don’t see that either.

Any tips appreciated.

Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and sorry you ran into these issues. Please note that the Frame Profiler activity has been removed and users are encouraged to use the GPU Trace Profiler instead. See the Additional Changes section of our release notes here which talks about the removal Nsight Graphics 2023.1 | NVIDIA Developer.

Shader Profiler is still a part of the Nsight Graphics suite. See the documentation here for more details on how to use Shader Profiler User Guide :: Nsight Graphics Documentation.


Thank you so much! Sorry I missed that in the docs.
It seems a little odd that to access it you go to Frame Debugger > Shader Profiler.
Seems like as a Profiling tool, it would be under “GPU Profiler”. Just my 2 cents :)

Thank you for your additional feedback. Please note that we are changing the way our Nsight Graphics Activities work to streamline developer productivity. In the next release we’re going to have the first big step in improving our profiling functionality. It will start with improvements to GPU Trace and the Shader Profiler. Thank you for being so interested in the tool and calling out the discrepancy. Your input is appreciated.